Dr Turner’s Dilemma: Reflections of a Thalidomide Survivor and a Doctor’s Wife

By Catherine Diwaker I have read, and loved, all of Jennifer Worth’s books, my favourite actually being ‘In the Midst of Life.’ So when ‘Call The Midwife’ was televised it became our family’s regular Sunday evening viewing. A drama that my husband, daughters and I could watch and enjoy together. We learnt from Sister Julienne’s wisdom, […]

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Call the Midwife and the Thalidomide Society

The Thalidomide Society has been the prime advisor on the scripts for the forthcoming scripts of Call the Midwife which is featuring a number of stories featuring thalidomide births. We are excited that such a popular and wide-reaching television programme is going to tell the thalidomide story and we have been impressed with the sensitivity […]