Links to other thalidomide groups and organisations:

Thalidomide Trust provides support and compensation to those born in the United Kingdom damaged as a result of their mothers taking thalidomide during pregnancy.

US Thalidomide Survivors

Canadian Association of Thalidomide victims

Thalidomide Group Australia

Thalidomide Australia Incorporated

Thalidomide Victims Association of Spain

Swedish Thalidomide Society

Thalidomide Ireland

Irish Thalidomide Survivors’ Society

Bundesverband Contergangeschädigter (Federal Association of Contergan Victims)

Brazilian Association of Thalidomide Victims

Dysnet an online global network for people with congenital limb differences.

Wellcome Library is a research resource for the history of medicine which holds much of the Thalidomide Society archive.

Thalidomide Memorial website constructed to coincide with the unveiling of the Thalidomide Memorial in Cathays Park, Cardiff, which allows people to pay tribute to the lives of thalidomide survivors and those no longer living.

Thalidomide at 50 Blogspot contains many news articles and photographs relating to the thalidomide story as it broke in the news

Sir Harold Evans official website of Thalidomide Society Patron and former editor of the Sunday Times, who played a major role in the battle for compensation.

Reach an association for children with upper limb impairments.

Limbless Association provides information and support for UK amputees.

Leonard Cheshire UK charity supporting all disabled people.

Disability Rights UK provides information on disability benefits and independent living.

Remap an organisation of volunteer and retired engineers providing one-off adaptations.

Disability Now a monthly tabloid magazine featuring many issues of relevance to disabled people.

Tar Syndrome Support Group provides information and advice for children born with Thrombocytopenia with Absent Radii.

Cafamily gives practical help to children up to the age of 18 years who have a range of disabilities.

Disabled Parents’ Network advice and information for parents with a disability.

Mouth and Foot Painting Artists is an association of artists who paint without using their hands.

Steps is a national association for children with lower limb impairments.