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Conferring – a Two-Way Process: Reflections on the 2018 Thalidomide Society Conference

By Brian Payne, Trustee of the Thalidomide Society. In a previous life I was a conference organiser. These were mainly conferences about the early internet and other communications technologies – indeed my first, over 30 years ago, was on mobile phones. I was the proud user of one of those ‘bricks’… not much like the iPhone. […]

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Thalidomide Society members make a huge difference to a Cambodian teenager

Srey Hang is a 15-year old girl living with her extended family in a typical Cambodian house on stilts, 10kms from the Thai border.  She was born with extremely shortened arms, no hands or fingers and an absence of lower limbs, making her dependent upon her family for washing and hygiene, feeding and general mobility. […]

Dr Turner’s Dilemma: Reflections of a Thalidomide Survivor and a Doctor’s Wife

By Catherine Diwaker I have read, and loved, all of Jennifer Worth’s books, my favourite actually being ‘In the Midst of Life.’ So when ‘Call The Midwife’ was televised it became our family’s regular Sunday evening viewing. A drama that my husband, daughters and I could watch and enjoy together. We learnt from Sister Julienne’s wisdom, […]

To Remember is to Care – Thalidomide Memorial

On 30 June, 2016 a ceremony was held in Cathays Park in Cardiff to celebrate the unveiling of the Thalidomide Memorial. The service was held in the presence of HM Lord Lieutenant of South Glamorgan Dr Peter Beck. After the introductory speech by Rosaleen Moriarty-Simmonds, Stephen Simmonds explained the significance of the Monument. This was followed with […]