To Remember is to Care – Thalidomide Memorial

On 30 June, 2016 a ceremony was held in Cathays Park in Cardiff to celebrate the unveiling of the Thalidomide Memorial. The service was held in the presence of HM Lord Lieutenant of South Glamorgan Dr Peter Beck. After the introductory speech by Rosaleen Moriarty-Simmonds, Stephen Simmonds explained the significance of the Monument. This was followed with […]

Call the Midwife image

Call the Midwife and the Thalidomide Society

The Thalidomide Society has been the prime advisor on the scripts for the forthcoming scripts of Call the Midwife which is featuring a number of stories featuring thalidomide births. We are excited that such a popular and wide-reaching television programme is going to tell the thalidomide story and we have been impressed with the sensitivity […]