The Thalidomide Society was formed in the United Kingdom in 1962 by parents of thalidomide-impaired children in order to help and support the affected families and to campaign for public support and recognition of what had happened.

The Society has a unique role in supporting thalidomide and similarly impaired people and their families with advice, information and help through a network of user led contacts, regular newsletters, workshops and seminars. In addition the Society has had a unique role in service provision for its members and liaises with the press, government departments and other organisations in the public and voluntary sector to promote the awareness of issues of particular concern to Thalidomiders, their families and those with similar impairments. Today Thalidomiders live and work throughout the United Kingdom.

We are also involved in monitoring and advising on the increasing use of thalidomide, in the UK and in other countries for certain specific diseases or conditions.

The historic role of the Thalidomide Society cannot be underestimated. From its inception in 1962, when a few parents met in a  hotel in Southampton to talk about their own experiences and how they could start the fight for compensation, the role of the Society has been crucial to the development of the financial and social independence of its members. The Society also welcomes individuals with similar impairments and is itself a member of EDRIC (European Dysmelia Reference Information Centre) and DysNet , a new online community which aims to support and unite limb deficiency groups across the globe.

The College of Health carried out an investigation into the health quality of life of thalidomide-impaired people. You can download The College of Health Report Summary (111kb), or request the full report by emailing info@thalidomidesociety.org

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